Mrs. Behringer
Kindergarten Teacher
Conference: 1:20-2:10
                                   Ford Falcons Rock!!

Welcome to Kindergarten!!

Important Dates:
Monday, February 20- Student Holiday
Tuesday, February 28- Kinder Academic Night 5:30-6:30
March 13-17- Spring Break

Child Nutrition Website:
*Apply for free and reduced lunch
*Find Menus
*Pre pay for meals
*Meal Applications
*Meal Prices

Parent Access Accounts:

Phonemic Awareness:
Capital and lowercase letter identification (in random order)
Letter sounds
Identifying rhyming words and producing rhyming words
Beginning sounds
Writing first name (capital only at the beginning)
Sight words (25 selected sight words)
Story elements (setting, characters, retelling: beginning, middle and end of story)
Orally blends letter sounds
Demonstrates understanding of nonfiction text read aloud
Producing rhyming words
Skills from previous grading periods

Word Study:
Sight words
We be learning new sight words every week.
*words that already been introduced/discussed

New  sight words added this year: an, this, so

Identify numbers 0-5 in random order
Writing numbers 0-5 in random order
Counting 1-5 (one to one correspondence)
Counting 1-100 (all year)

2nd Grading Period
Identifying and writing numbers 0-20
Counting 20 objects and conservation

3rd Grading Period
Constructing and using graphs
Showing joining and separating of sets (addition & subtraction)
Identifying basic coins (penny, nickel, dime, and quarter)
Skills from previous grading periods

If you would like to set up a conference, I am available on most days from 1:15-2:05.                                                           
We will have a beginning of year conference in October to discuss your child's progress. Be looking for information coming home in B.E.E. folders soon.

Snack Calendar:
We will have a small snack each day.  We may not serve any peanut products or food made in a peanut factory due to food allergies. If we have plenty of snacks, a list will not go home.

Schedule for snacks:
April --Girls
May --Boys
June --Girls

Homework will be given at the beginning of each month and returned at the end of the month. Please keep the homework in the homework folder.

As February 13, home readers will be sent home with your child to practice reading. They will come with a book at the beginning of the week and return the folder with the book every Thursday. Please sign the recording log once a week.

B.E.E. Folders
This folder is very important for communication. It will include notes or bulletins from the principal or teacher. It will also include daily behavior, which you will need to initial and return daily. In order for small notes or money not to be misplaced, please place these in the pencil pouch.

Extra Clothes:
Please send your child with some extra clothing (pants/shorts/shirt/undergarments) incase of an accident or a spill of any kind.

Change of Transportation:
If your child will have a different mode of transportation, please send a note in his/her pencil pouch or call the office before 2:00. If there is not a note or a call to the office, your child will be sent home his/her normal way. This year, you will have to fax a change of transportation to the office.

Change of Information:
If your home/cell/work phone number changes, please call or send a note with your child with the new number/s. It is very important that we have current information. We may need to call for a child illness, transportation issues or good phone call.

Notify the front office if your child is going to be absent. When your child returns to school, please send a note explaining why he/she was absent or doctor's note. These are notes kept on record. If your child is absent, I will have to call each time your child is not in school.

Remind 101:
Remind 101 is one way that you can receive short reminders about events or activities at school. Instructions on how to get set up were included in your ABC of Kindergarten packet that was sent on  September 6 and/or during Parent Information Night on Friday, September 2. If you have misplaced the instructions, please let me know and I will send another copy.





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